Apartments Djenovici

sunvillage djenoviciDjenovic are 8 km far from Herceg Novi. Its name arises from a last name Djonovic since 1540-ties, and by time it has been transformed into present name. In Djenovic lives around 1500 people, and by surface it’s the smallest settlement in the city of Herceg Novi.

The touristic facility “SUN VILLAGE” is situated in a peaceful town of the Kotor Bay – Đenovići, 3 km away from Herceg Novi. It’s an ideal position for exploring the local culture, the inhabitants and the traditional Boka region carnivals.

The facility is built on a 5.500 m² site; its construction started in 2007. It consists of four villas: Fiona, Galina, Bianca and Petricija. Galleries are facing the central area connecting internal and external parts of the complex. Apartments are allocated for accommodation and recreation, and the facilities are aimed to satisfy a wide range of clients’ requests.

The interior concept and its integration will secure an entertainment and rich experience of stay during the whole year. Sun Village is situated 150 m from the sea, including 30 apartments and parking spaces. Every apartment has sun-light access and a big terrace. In an open area living-room you will find a fully equipped kitchen combined with a dining area, separate double bed bedroom and bathroom with a shower cubicle (cabin). All apartments are equipped with air-conditioning, video surveillance, satellite TV and fast Internet connection...

“Sun Village Beauty Studio” offers you an exquisite experience enjoying a full range of services in an atmosphere of total relaxation: pedicure, manicure and a variety of manual massage with pure essential oils.

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